Wednesday, February 2, 2011 is a web search engine. Yes one more in the race of search engines. But it got power.
Why Facebook was a huge success, because probability of finding real people is more compared to other social networking sites.
Now, Blekko seems to borrowing the strategy. It links with your facebook account and collects URL information from your profile. I believe this information is used for displaying relevant results (when logged in).
It is asking users to create new topics also called as "slashtags" by "blekko". The information becomes more relevant the moment it starts analyzing the friend list from facebook.
With use of AJAX technology, it displays relevant slashtags the moment you start typing query.

For instance,
  1. typing Independence Day will show slashtags "movies", "calendar" , "movie-reviews"
  2. windows will show slashtags "tech" , "techblogs"
  3. oil prices - "economic" etc.,
The search engine has launched to public in Nov 2010 and seems to have promising results. Let us hope it grows stronger in future.

Resistor - Some thing which moves the present world

(Originally written on 22-Feb-08)
Who says, resistance is to oppose and reduce the productivity?
Resistance, peer to friction from mechanical sciences.
The resistor, with whose help I'm able to type this on my laptop screen.
with whose help you are able to see what I have typed.
The story of resistor starts from the day when someone thought of creating a simple circuit in which current flows on application of voltage.
Voltage got no sense when there is no current flow.
But how the current will flow? (Is there any thing which can be called as current but not flows)
Current flow (oh.. sorry again) can't initiate with out voltage.
Is Only voltage is enough?? for current initiation.
certainly no, because there shall be some channel... This channel will be created by Resistor
Resistor which will not move, but will make the electrons move around there by creating current in the circuit.
and the current moves the present world...
Is the resistor the only linkage between the voltage and current???
No, they are deeply linked as deep as the depth of the time.
but how, if the resistor is not the only link between them?
what if the resistor can store the voltage, it will become capacitor.
But how it can store voltage?, resistor can't store voltage on alone. it needs to be teamed up with purely opposite shades of it. A conductor and insulator.
If we place the insulator between the condcutors which are connected in the circuit, the combination will sum up in the real action of capacitor.
what if the resistor  can store the current, it will become inductor.
But how can it hold some thing moving, current?
again resistor has to team up in it's two opposite shades. A conductor and insulator.
If the conductor is twisted and placed with insulator in the twisted parts, the combination will sum up in thepower of inductor.
A simple analogy of both resistor and capacitor:
Take a water tank. Create a pipe with some sponge between the pipe. Now see the magic, the sponge stores some water and the same concept is with the capacitor.
Take a water tank and create a pipe so that it will be in helix shape. Now the helix shape can hold some flow of current. In fact it will not reduce the flow of water but it can store the flow for some time.
The power of resistor now doubles with it's team mates and redefines the relation between the voltage and current as elctro magnetic waves.

Light and energy

What happens when light falls on a object in vaccum?
Does the object illuminates? Does it moves?
How energy transfer happens? Is there any transfer of energy?
If light carries energy, how many forms it can take?
If light can move particles (say photons), can it be converted to other form of energy, say sound, movement, electricity?
Lot of questions, ha/. I've answer for none.
yet, I beleive "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed"

Ok, let's see what happens in this particular example
It proves,light can generate a motion. Then a dumb question can be why can't it be used for generate power.
Yes, it can but how efficiently? Vaccum has no friction for motion. But will that conclude that the blades are moving themselves.
So, may be the photons are transferred on to blades causing a slight shift in weight and generated a initial motion and since there is no external friction, it's motion might be continuous. But this doesn't give a logical end.
Then what happens?