Wednesday, February 2, 2011 is a web search engine. Yes one more in the race of search engines. But it got power.
Why Facebook was a huge success, because probability of finding real people is more compared to other social networking sites.
Now, Blekko seems to borrowing the strategy. It links with your facebook account and collects URL information from your profile. I believe this information is used for displaying relevant results (when logged in).
It is asking users to create new topics also called as "slashtags" by "blekko". The information becomes more relevant the moment it starts analyzing the friend list from facebook.
With use of AJAX technology, it displays relevant slashtags the moment you start typing query.

For instance,
  1. typing Independence Day will show slashtags "movies", "calendar" , "movie-reviews"
  2. windows will show slashtags "tech" , "techblogs"
  3. oil prices - "economic" etc.,
The search engine has launched to public in Nov 2010 and seems to have promising results. Let us hope it grows stronger in future.

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