Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Light and energy

What happens when light falls on a object in vaccum?
Does the object illuminates? Does it moves?
How energy transfer happens? Is there any transfer of energy?
If light carries energy, how many forms it can take?
If light can move particles (say photons), can it be converted to other form of energy, say sound, movement, electricity?
Lot of questions, ha/. I've answer for none.
yet, I beleive "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed"

Ok, let's see what happens in this particular example
It proves,light can generate a motion. Then a dumb question can be why can't it be used for generate power.
Yes, it can but how efficiently? Vaccum has no friction for motion. But will that conclude that the blades are moving themselves.
So, may be the photons are transferred on to blades causing a slight shift in weight and generated a initial motion and since there is no external friction, it's motion might be continuous. But this doesn't give a logical end.
Then what happens?

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